New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

aravon, Brine, Cobb Hill, Dunham, New Balance, PF-Flyers, Warrior.  New Balance's compliance program is accredited by FLA.

From the New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. website: The Supplier Code of Conduct defines our minimum expectations. We expect our suppliers to ensure that no exploitative conditions or unsafe working conditions exist at the facilities where our merchandise is manufactured. This Code of Conduct expresses the commitment of New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. to do business only with those manufacturers and suppliers that share its commitment to fair and safe labor practices.

On Monday, November 10, 2014, the Fair Labor Association sent a letter to Deputy Prime Minister Keat Chhon in support of “objective, inclusive, and productive national wage-setting negotiations that result in a minimum wage that is fair for workers” that was signed by nine FLA-affiliated companies sourcing from Cambodia. Putting action behind their words of support, each of the nine brands used the letter to reinforce their commitment to purchasing practices that build sustainable supply chains, affirming that they would incorporate locally negotiated wage increases into...
On March 4, 2013, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) sent a letter to Peruvian President Ollanta Humala Tasso raising concerns over legislation that currently permits the employment of workers through the use of repeated short-term employment contracts.  Short-term employment contracts do not provide stability of employment, and often erode access to fundamental labor rights. FLA Participating Companies Nike, New Balance, PVH Corp., and 47 Brand have also urged the President to take action. Peruvian legislation allows employers in the country’s garment export sector to hire...

As explained by this FLA issue brief the never-increased 90s-era monthly minimum wage of 20 lari (around $8.50) for private sector workers in Georgia is grossly insufficient to maintain a decent standard of living in that country.  The Clean Clothes Campaign estimates that a living wage for a family of four is nearly 65 times that amount, while the US State Departmen

In April of 2014, workers at the Pou Chen Group, a Participating Supplier with the FLA, went on strike in Gaobu, Dongguan, China, protesting that Pou Chen was not making the contributions for social insurance and housing benfits employers are required to pay under Chinese national law.

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015, the Fair Labor Association sent a letter to the Ministry of Labor in Myanmar standing against efforts to exempt the fast-growing garment sector from paying their workers the country's new minimum wage.  The letter was signed by the FLA Vice President of Programs and 17 FLA affiliates.  

On November 2, 2013, the Sindicato de Trabajadores de Hilandería de Algodón Peruano S.A. (Union of Workers of Hilandería de Algodón Peruano S.A) filed a Third Party Complaint with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) regarding the factory Hilandería de Algodón Peruano S.A. (“HIALPESA”). The factory is located in the District San Juan Lurigancho, in Lima, Peru. The complaint alleged violations of the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct with respect to terms of employment, safety and health, and freedom of association. FLA Participating Company New Balance sources from HIALPESA.

New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. (New Balance) is aprivately held company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. New Balance manufactures running, tennis, soccer, baseball, cross training, lifestyle and other shoes, as well as a variety of athletic apparel and equipment. The company and its affiliates employ more than 5000 employees worldwide.  The FLA Board of Directors voted to approve the accreditation of New Balance’s compliance program on June 11, 2014 based on proven adherence to FLA's Workplace Code of Conduct and the Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing.