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February 2018 Accreditation of Three Social Compliance Programs

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fair Labor Association Accredits Three Social Compliance Programs After Multi-Year Evaluation Period
After Rigorous Evaluation, FENIX, HUGO BOSS, and Volcom Achieve FLA Accreditation

WASHINGTON, D.C. The Fair Labor Association (FLA), a collaborative effort among brands, universities and civil society organization to improve working conditions and protect workers’ rights, announced today that German luxury clothier HUGO BOSS, Swedish outdoor gear brand FENIX, and Californian board sports company Volcom have received accreditation for their social compliance programs. All three companies were recognized for advancements in their social compliance programs that integrate respect for human and labor rights into their supply chains.

“Accreditation is a long, intensive process during which the FLA conducts a thorough evaluation of the headquarter-level programs established by companies to protect workers in their supply chains,” said FLA President and CEO Sharon Waxman. “HUGO BOSS, FENIX, and Volcom have demonstrated a commitment to adopt fair labor policies and to apply them in practice.”

The FLA’s accreditation program is the gold standard for a systems-level approach to human rights compliance and social responsibility.  To achieve accreditation, companies must regularly assess production facilities in their supply chain for adherence to high labor standards and must pursue continuous improvement of conditions for workers.   The FLA is the only organization of its kind in which brands and suppliers commit to a process that demands regular review and assessment of corporate systems that support workers’ rights and social responsibility.

The FLA recognizes that leadership in social responsibility starts at the top. The HUGO BOSS, FENIX, and Volcom accreditation reports validate the commitment from top management to implement social compliance programs and ensure adherence to the FLA’s Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing.

Among other strengths, the FLA recognizes HUGO BOSS for its annual stakeholder dialogue roundtable with civil society, FENIX for its collection of candid factory feedback on its purchasing practices, and Volcom for its comprehensive supplier scorecard to incentivize suppliers to improve their social compliance.

These three companies were approved at the FLA’s board meeting in February 2018. Brands and suppliers that successfully complete the initial multi-year evaluation, subject to approval by the FLA Board of Directors, achieve accreditation of their programs, with reaccreditation assessments required regularly thereafter. FLA has accredited a total of 31 brand and supplier social compliance programs.

Find the full accreditation reports for FENIX, HUGO BOSS, and Volcom on FLA’s website.

·      FENIX: http://www.fairlabor.org/report/accreditation-assessment-fenix-outdoors-social-compliance-program

·      HUGO BOSS: http://www.fairlabor.org/report/accreditation-assessment-hugo-bosss-social-compliance-program

·      Volcom: http://www.fairlabor.org/report/accreditation-assessment-volcoms-social-compliance-program

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The Fair Labor Association promotes and protects workers’ rights and improves workplace conditions through collaboration between business, civil society, and colleges and universities. The FLA conducts transparent and independent monitoring to ensure that rigorous labor standards are upheld wherever FLA affiliates source their products, identifies root causes of non-compliances, and proposes solutions to workplace problems.  The FLA is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and maintains offices in Geneva and Shanghai.