The Global Forum provides a safe space where stakeholders can feel comfortable discussing contentious issues and sharing controversial views to reach agreement on possible solutions. Consultations usually involve multiple stakeholders including buyers, suppliers, and people involved in the extended network of the chain.

The web of interaction between people (or companies and organizations) is typically complex, and relationships are often circular and do cut across different levels. In light of this complexity, it is our aim to analyze the web of cause-effect relationships linking the principal actors across system levels. In doing so, we are able to foster or create connections between stakeholders for improved interaction.

Recent Consultations

In July 2012, the Global Forum and the International Labour Organization (ILO), with support from Catholic Relief Services, organized a 2-day workshop to provide stakeholders from the National Pact for the Eradication of Slave Labor in Brazil (PACT) with information about accountability mechanisms, transparency requirements and aspects of technical, financial and organizational sustainability based on the experience of other multi-stakeholder initiatives. The work of the PACT has led to thousands of workers being freed from forced labor and has improved working conditions for rural workers in many different industrial sectors countrywide. Read more here.

The Global Forum works with a wide range of industries including different agricultural products and pharmaceuticals on various labor, human rights and environmental issues at different intervention points in these supply chains.

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