Conflict management, rights-based processes and consensus building


Conflict is unavoidable, but how you manage conflict will determine if its outcomes are positive or negative. With effective grievance procedures and conflict resolution mechanisms in place, managers and workers can take an active role in identifying, communicating, analyzing and solving problems—which will contribute to improving working conditions and labor-management relations. This training helps companies put in place systematic procedures to manage not only isolated disputes, but also any conflict that arises within the organization. Management will learn how to install internal mechanisms for workers to channel their concerns as well as how to handle them properly. This training is divided into 2 days: the first day is spent covering the basic principles of conflict management, and the second day focuses on the creation of internal procedures to solve disputes. The courses may be taken individually or together.

You will learn:

  • How to manage conflict efficiently
  • How employees’ positions, interests and needs affect conflict management
  • How to manage perceptions so they do not generate conflict
  • Principles of grievance procedures
  • How to set up the different steps of a functioning grievance procedure
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in setting up grievance procedures

Who should take this course?

  • Factory owners/general managers
  • Production managers
  • HR/CSR/administration manager or staff
  • Workshop supervisor, worker representatives, and brand representatives

Upcoming Sessions

Dates Location Language Registration
August 28-29, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand English, Thai Registration Closed
September 11, 2013 Mexico DF, Mexico Spanish Registration Closed
September 25, 2013 Istanbul, Turkey Turkish Registration closed
October 16-17, 2013 Hanoi, Vietnam English, Vietnamese Registration Closed
December 9, 2013 San Pedro Sula, Honduras Spanish coming soon
December 17, 2013 Shanghai, China Chinese coming soon

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