Personnel development is a formal, organized, and continuous planning method used to match the needs of a business with the career aspirations of workers and is critical for long-term company sustainability. Companies cannot meet organizational goals with high turnover rates and low productivity. With adequate career plans, companies can greatly reduce both of these risks. This training helps managers build a new relationship with workers that is not based on loyalty, but on mutual benefit. It overrides the myths that career development plans cannot be implemented with floor workers, and that all career paths must be based on promotions.

You will learn:

  • Objectives and methods of effective personnel development
  • How to set up personnel development plans
  • Various career paths outside of traditional promotions
  • How to identify transferable skills
  • How to ensure career development is compatible with different compensation schemes, including piece rate
  • What steps to take and how to develop an action plan

Who should take this course?

  • Factory owners/general managers
  • Production managers
  • HR/CSR/administration manager or staff
  • Brand representatives

Upcoming Sessions

Dates Location Language Registration
August 22, 2013 San Pedro Sula, Honduras Spanish Registration Closed
December 17, 2013 Istanbul, Turkey Turkish coming soon

For further details please contact training@fairlabor.org.