Business needs can lead to decisions that require reducing the workforce, which can have a very negative impact not only on workers but also on their families and communities. It is essential that companies do not undermine workers’ rights when a workforce reduction is necessary. This training helps managers ensure that decisions are based on objective criteria and that the factory is transparent with workers, clients and other stakeholders throughout the retrenchment process. The course will be particularly helpful for managers who want to be prepared for a possible workforce redundancy, as well as those whose factories are currently going through the process. The course will help managers to better engage the different stakeholders involved and become aware of the importance of communication before, during and after any termination process.

You will learn:

  • How to deal with redundancy
  • How to draft a policy and procedure in the event of redundancy
  • Principles to ensure fairness in a retrenchment process
  • Who, when and what to consult during the process
  • What selection criteria to use to determine posts that need to be eliminated and workers that will be terminated
  • Alternative measures to consider before implementing a retrenchment process
  • How to manage the needs and expectations of different stakeholders in the retrenchment process
  • How to manage workers that stay

Who should take this course?

  • Factory owners/general managers
  • Production managers
  • HR/CSR/administration manager or staff
  • Brand representatives

Upcoming Sessions

Dates Location Language Registration
November 6, 2013 Istanbul, Turkey Turkish Click here to register

For further details please contact training@fairlabor.org.