Unpaid overtime violation common in Egypt's free trade zones

Publication date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Report type: 
Fair CompensationNews and Action
Factory assessors have found that local authorities often will not enforce the overtime regulations in the free trade zones, and consequently factories will often ignore them, planning their production for a 48-hour workweek, though a regular workweek in the free trade zones is limited to 42 hours. Any hours worked over the 42-hour limit must be paid at the local legal overtime premium rate of 135 percent for daytime work and 170 percent for nighttime work.

2015 Assessments of Shared Hazelnut Supply Chain in Turkey: Nestle, Balsu, and Olam

Publication date: 
Thursday, April 14, 2016
Report type: 
Assessment Report
In August 2015, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) conducted independent assessments in the Turkish hazelnut supply chain shared by three FLA affiliates – Nestlé, and its two strategic first-tier suppliers. The FLA found a decrease in the reporting of child labor, along with the continued need for progress in other areas like hours of work, wages, discrimination against migrant workers, and transportation safety.


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