University of California Los Angeles

About the school's commitment to protecting workers' rights and the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct: UCLA is fully committed to protecting workers rights. In 1998, all ten UC campuses were among the first universities to adopt a Workplace Code of Conduct. UCLA works with the FLA on programs to assess the ability of its licensees to enforce the UC Code of Conduct and provide transparency on factories used to make licensed merchandise.


The FLA provides us with expertise and cutting edge information on how we can improve our CSR practices so workers’ rights are protected. They have created a forum like no other where brands, factories, universities and NGO's can come together to discuss and tackle complex labor issues.


All Patagonia in-store products including footwear. Patagonia's compliance program is accredited by FLA.

From the Patagonia website: We have integrated corporate responsibility into our sourcing strategy: when considering new factories we take a fourfold vetting approach – one that includes social and environmental practices equally with quality standards and business requirements like financial stability, adequate capacity and fair pricing.

New Era Cap Co., Inc.

Since 2003, our participation in FLA has helped drive our program evolution from reactive to proactive, allowing us to benchmark our efforts with other leaders and stakeholders in responsible supply chains. In addition, having one of our strategic suppliers join the FLA has helped us encourage greater supplier ownership of social compliance.


FLA's obligations for Participating Companies is the backbone to prAna's social responsbility program. This holds us as company accountable for the way we engage with our suppliers and guides our actions towards improving workers lives. In addition, FLA offers a level of transparency to our customers that we feel is important.


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