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Assessing Women's Roles in Nestle's Ivory Coast Cocoa Supply Chain

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

In late 2013, the Fair Labor Association conducted several Independent External Assessments of working conditions at farms involved in Nestlé’s cocoa supply chain in the Ivory Coast. In conjunction with this broader assessment, Nestlé requested a more specific assessment of women’s roles in Ivorian cocoa-producing communities.

For the initial assessment, the FLA randomly selected five cooperatives from among the 45 cooperatives participating in the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. These 45 cooperatives represent 20 percent of Nestlé’s Ivorian cocoa supply chain; numerous intermediaries involved in the remaining 80 percent of the supply chain prevent detailed assessment at this time. From among these five cooperatives, FLA assessors visited 200 farms, interviewing 120 workers, including women.

Building on this work, to assess women’s roles more specifically, the FLA team conducted an additional 370 interviews from October to December 2013, including individual interviews with 244 rural women in cocoa-producing communities. This assessment reports on the roles of women, describes the unique risks they face, and makes recommendations to Nestlé and the Ivorian government for how to improve conditions for women.

Find the full report below.

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