Neglecting Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues can lead to disasters and losses for both employers and workers. Assessors frequently find that even well-designed OSH polices may not be implemented correctly. The recent tragedies in Bangladesh and Pakistan have reinforced the urgent need for improvements in the implementation and monitoring of OSH systems. This training helps companies build comprehensive and effective OSH systems from a legal and compliance perspective, taking into account practical internal monitoring skill enhancement, staff training, and corporate culture and values.

You will learn:

  • National legal requirements and global OSH trends
  • Comprehensive OSH skills assessment and internal monitoring
  • How to identify and solve frequent issues and risks
  • How to build a sustainable OSH management system and practice
  • How to cultivate OSH values and culture in the company
  • Best practices that are being implemented by other companies and by front-line experts

Who should take this course?

  • Corporate social responsibility practitioners
  • Factory owners/general managers
  • Operations managers
  • HR & administrative managers, trading managers, safety managers, and EHS managers
  • Brand representatives

Upcoming Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled.

For further details please contact training@fairlabor.org.