Supply Chain Innovation

Knights Apparel

Collegiate brands: NCAA, Alta Gracia, Pro Edge, Red Oak, Pro Player, Pro Player 2, Section 101, Knights Apparel; non-collegiate brands: NBA, NBA Player, NHL, NHL Player, MLB, NASCAR and X Games. Knights Apparel's compliance program is accredited by FLA.

From the Knights Apparel website: The KA Code of Conduct states our commitment to protect workers' rights from slavery or human trafficking by defining our expectations in the following areas: forced labor, child labor, employment relationship, harassment or abuse, discrimination, health and safety, freedom of association, wages and benefits, hours of work, overtime compensation, environment, documentation. KA conducts independent audits of suppliers at least every six months to evaluate compliance with the KA Code of Conduct for trafficking and slavery supply chains. These audits are conducted by trained independent auditors and are unannounced. Each factory is graded on a point basis. After each audit the factory is given a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) which outlines in detail any needed corrections. KA monitors the CAP on an ongoing basis to ensure that the corrections are made. Depending on the severity of the issues raised at the CAP, a follow up audit will occur as early as ninety days from the initiation of the CAP.

Knights Apparel is an apparel company headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The company is the leading provider of collegiate-licensed apparel and a leading supplier for professional leagues. Founded in 2001, Knights Apparel currently holds a variety of licenses including with the NHL (exclusive for mass distribution), NBA (exclusive for mass distribution), MLB (co-license with VF), NCAA, and 50 colleges and universities.