Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited

Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited was established in Hong Kong in 1986, with its own manufacturing plants in PRC and Bangladesh. The Company is principally engaged in the design and manufacture of quality licensed casual and fashion headwear products including baseball caps, bucket hats, knitted hats, Gatsby hats, dress hats, headbands and sun visors.

From the Mainland Headwear website: Mainland Headwear is committed to safeguard the labor rights and strictly comply with the FLA workplace code of conduct. Taking a proactive approach in all our undertakings, Mainland Headwear also believes the greatest value of the Group lies in the benefits that can create for the staff and the community at large.

The FLA board of directors voted in February 2019 to accredit the social compliance program of Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited in recognition of the company's efforts to increase transparency and remediate supply chain labor abuses.