Supply Chain Innovation


From the Nestlé website: Nestlé’s mission is to enhance consumers’ lives by offering tastier and healthier food and beverage choices for all stages of life and at any time of the day. True to our values and principles we also Create Shared Value through sustainable growth and a commitment to environmental sustainability and compliance along every step of the value chain. Nestlé’s promise is Good Food, Good Life.

From Stop Child Labor: "Among a large number of multinationals involved [in the Turkish hazelnut sector], Nestlé has thus far been the only company to make a public assessment of the situation by collaborating with the Fair Labor Association (FLA). The FLA evaluated labor and human rights issues in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey in August 2011. Stop Child Labour has been in touch with both Nestlé and the FLA about this assessment. The FLA elaborated short- and long-term recommendations, not only for international buyers as Nestlé but also for the Turkish...
On February 29, the Fair Labor Association Board of Directors approved Nestlé’s application to become a Participating Company in the FLA. Nestlé is the first company in the food industry to join FLA, following collaborations on special projects over the past several months to assess labor conditions and compliance risks throughout Nestlé’s supply chain of hazelnuts and cocoa. As a Participating Company, Nestlé has committed to ten Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing, and to upholding the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct throughout their...
Cocoa, hazelnut projects prepare Nestlé to join the FLA as a Participating Company Nestlé, the largest food company in the world, has partnered with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) to assess its cocoa supply chain in West Africa and to identify whether children are working on the farms. With the cocoa harvest fast approaching, this project will launch in December as Nestlé prepares its application to join the FLA as a Participating Company. The FLA Board of Directors has agreed to expedite the application process. Beginning in January, the FLA will send a team of...


To document company capacity at the outset of the FLA's cooperative agreement with the US Department of Labor to pilot test USDA social sustainability guidelines in Turkey, the project team conducted a baseline survey of Nestlé, Olam-Progıda, and Balsu to assess their programs for combating child and forced labor. 

As part of the annual assessment of its affiliate members, the FLA since 2013 has conducted monitoring visits in Nestlé’s traced cocoa supply chain in Côte d’Ivoire. The FLA Independent External Monitoring (IEM) program covers a growing portion of Nestlé’s  cocoa supply chain served by the Nestlé Cocoa Plan (NCP), which represents about 35 percent of its total cocoa supply chain as of end 2016 as reported by Nestlé.

The worker demographic profiling report presented here was produced to support the work of the project “Partnership to Reduce Child Labor and Forced Labor in Imported Agricultural Products: Piloting the USDA Guidelines in the Hazelnut Supply Chain in Turkey,” conducted by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) as part of its cooperative agreement with the US Department of Labor.

In August 2016, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) conducted independent assessments in the Turkish hazelnut supply chain shared by three FLA affiliates – Nestlé, and its two strategic first-tier suppliers, Balsu and Olam Progida which together account for 100 percent of Nestlé’s hazelnut volume in Turkey.  All three companies are affiliated with the FLA and have monitoring and remediation programs in place. Based on both internal and external monitoring results, company affiliates must develop and implement remediation actions leading to sustainable changes.

Since 2013, the FLA annually conducts monitoring visits in Nestlé’s traced cocoa supply chain in Ivory Coast. Independent External Monitoring (IEM) covers a growing portion of the cocoa supply chain served by the Nestlé Cocoa Plan (NCP), which represents 30 percent of its total cocoa supply chain as of mid-2016 as reported by Nestlé.  In 2015, the FLA conducted IEMs in four cooperatives that were never assessed before, and also Independent External Verification (IEV) in two cooperatives that were previously assessed in 2013.