Supply Chain Innovation


From the Syngenta website: Syngenta is guided by the conviction that value creation depends on the successful integration of business, social and environmental performance. Syngenta is committed to promote and maintain high standards of corporate responsibility worldwide in an industry that is essential to global agriculture and food production. The company acts in accordance with its Code of Conduct and its Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, which respect human rights and embrace internationally accepted regulations and the highest scientific standards.

In 2004, FLA launched a pilot project with Syngenta Seeds Inc., a Swiss agro-business seeking assistance with monitoring of working conditions throughout its global hybrid seed supply chain. Since the project’s launch, FLA has built an in-depth understanding of the tasks and risks involved in hybrid seed production, and developed and tested a monitoring system and agriculture specific benchmarks. Syngenta worked with FLA over a period of four years and demonstrated great strides in integrating reccomendations into their compliance program. Syngenta is now an FLA Participating Company.