Yee Tung Garment Co., Ltd.

Based in Hong Kong. Yee Tung operates 15 factories in eight countries that produce men’s and ladies’ sportswear and sleepwear, as well as children’s apparel.

Yee Tung Garment Company Ltd. (Yee Tung Group), headquartered in Hong Kong, is an FLA Participating Supplier. Among the factories owned by Yee Tung Group is Century Miracle Ltd. (Century Miracle), located in the Al Hassan Industrial Estate, Ramtha, Jordan. The factory produces knits and t-shirts for several international buyers. In early 2013, the international press began to report on clashes at the factory involving migrant Burmese workers and concerns about their safety.

In mid-March 2013, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) engaged Veasna Nuon, an independent expert on Cambodian industrial relations, to investigate allegations of freedom of association violations at the E Garment factory in Cambodia by the Worker Rights Consortium. E Garment is owned and operated by FLA Participating Supplier Yee Tung Group; Category B Licensee VF Corporation sources from the factory.