Supply Chain Innovation

Fair Labor Association Accredits Vetta Brands' Social Compliance Program

Monday, November 19, 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – The Fair Labor Association (FLA) announced today the accreditation of apparel company Vetta Brands’ social compliance program, verifying that the company has policies and practices in place to monitor and remediate labor abuses in its global supply chain.

Vetta is now part of FLA’s 33-member network of accredited companies, which includes Adidas, Hanes, and Nike. The assessment report for Vetta Brands is published here.

The FLA accreditation program is considered the gold standard for a systems-level approach to human rights compliance and social responsibility. Companies must regularly assess supply chain production facilities for adherence to international labor standards and pursue continuous improvement efforts to address conditions for workers to achieve accreditation. The FLA is the only organization of its kind through which brands and suppliers commit to meeting the standards of regular review and assessment of corporate systems that support workers’ rights.

“Accreditation recognizes that Vetta Brands is committed to building and maintaining an internal culture of accountability that is backed up by mechanisms to find and address labor abuses in its supply chain,” said Sharon Waxman, president and CEO of the Fair Labor Association. “All stakeholders – workers, consumers, civil society and brands – play a role in preventing labor abuses, and Vetta Brands has demonstrated its commitment to protecting workers by achieving accreditation of its social compliance program.”

FLA assessors recognized Vetta Brands for its comprehensive and regular staff training on codes of conduct and workplace standards; implementation of a supplemental audit tool to ensure that Vetta’s standards are upheld throughout its supply chain; and implementation of factory-level worker engagement programs through worker surveys, focus groups, and confidential reporting channels. Also, Vetta demonstrated significant progress toward implementing a strategy on fair compensation.