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Stop Child Labor Comments on Hazelnut Investigation

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From Stop Child Labor: "Among a large number of multinationals involved [in the Turkish hazelnut sector], Nestlé has thus far been the only company to make a public assessment of the situation by collaborating with the Fair Labor Association (FLA). The FLA evaluated labor and human rights issues in the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey in August 2011. Stop Child Labour has been in touch with both Nestlé and the FLA about this assessment. The FLA elaborated short- and long-term recommendations, not only for international buyers as Nestlé but also for the Turkish Government. Important recommendations for buyers to eradicate child labour and improve labour conditions are: adoption of and adherence to a Code of Conduct in the agriculture sector; monitoring throughout the supply chain; starting with a bottom-up approach, including raising awareness and increasing capacity at village and farm level; as well as the development of public-private partnerships.

Stop Child Labour agrees with the findings and recommendations of the FLA and is pleased that Nestlé is taking its responsibility to improve the situation in the Turkish hazelnut supply chain. Nestlé is setting a good example and hopefully other companies will follow soon. Stop Child Labour agrees with Nestlé’s comment that the FLA report has established a valuable evidence base that will benefit Nestlé and also other buyers, the Turkish hazelnut export sector, government and civil society in developing effective strategies for concrete improvement in labour conditions where shortcomings have been identified. Stop Child Labour and FNV Bondgenoten will continue their efforts to stimulate companies and other relevant actors to take effective measures to eradicate child labour and implement labour rights in the Turkish hazelnut harvest."

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