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Work of MFA Forum concludes; group releases Guidelines for Managing Responsible Transitions

Friday, May 6, 2011

The MFA Forum is wrapping up its work after more than 6 years of discussing and finalizing recommendations and examining the impact on apparel workers resulting from the end of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement quota system. As part of this group, FLA has worked with hundreds of other NGOs, trade unions, businesses, and others committed to promoting responsible competitiveness in key exporting countries in the expanding global marketplace.

The MFA Forum has produced a document called Guidelines for Managing Responsible Transitions, which provides recommendations for ensuring worker protection in the wake of factory exits by sourcing companies or factory closures. From the document:

“Where retrenchments or closures are inevitable the key actors should work together to mitigate the negative social consequences, and in particular:

  • Where possible, buyers should maintain their current country supply base and contain consolidation in-country. If exiting a country, they should do so in a manner that respects the fundamental rights at work, international labour standards and national law and enables and encourages suppliers to do the same.
  • Workers should be paid their legal entitlements including social security, pensions and severance and should have access to job banks and retraining programmes.
  • In the event of factory closures the key actors should prioritize the promotion of opportunities for the employment for displaced workers in the remaining and/or new textiles and garment factories.
  • Displaced workers should have access to government-provided social safety nets.”

Download the MFA Forum’s Guidelines for Managing Responsible Transitions for details.


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