Supply Chain Innovation

Civil Society Organizations

Civil society organizations (CSOs) affiliated with FLA help shape programs and policies that hold companies accountable and improve workers' lives. CSOs bring commitment, experience and expertise to the table and play an important role in FLA governance. Learn more about affiliated CSOs below and read about how FLA works with international trade unions, government agencies and others to resolve third party complaints and conduct investigations around the world.


Cividep-India is an NGO based in Bangalore, India, which works to ensure that businesses comply with national and international standards of human rights and labour rights. With this objective, Cividep studies the effects of corporate activities on communities and educates workers about their rights. Cividep is currently active in the garments, electronics and leather manufacturing industries in South India as well as coffee and tea plantations in Karnataka and Assam.

Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business is a collaborative learning community whose members collectively:

  • Share knowledge, applications, and experiences,
  • Build awareness, and
  • Foster campus and community engagement that furthers social responsibility and sustainability in the apparel industry.

The Global Fairness Initiative (GFI) promotes a more equitable, sustainable approach to economic development for the world's working poor by advancing fair wages, equal access to markets and balanced public policy to generate opportunity and end the cycle of poverty.

GoodWeave International works to stop child labor and forced labor in global supply chains. Starting with South Asia¹s handmade carpet industry where child labor has declined by 80 percent, GoodWeave implements four main inter-connected program areas: leverage market in influence; develop child-labor-free supply chains; offer educational opportunities to children; and ensure decent work for adults. The GoodWeave label certifies nine percent of the global handmade rug market as free from child labor and forced labor; 140 brands license the use ofthe GoodWeave System.

ICAR harnesses the collective power of progressive organizations to push governments to create and enforce rules over corporations that promote human rights and reduce inequality.

The mission of the National Consumers League is to protect and promote social and economic justice for consumers and workers in the United States and abroad. The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. We are the nation's oldest consumer organization.

Since it launched in March 2013, the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights remains the first-ever human rights center based at a business school. Since then, the Center has worked to advance a "pro-business, high standards" model for business and human rights. We believe in the power of business to create positive change in society. We also believe that companies in the same sector should abide by common standards for human rights.

Save the Children is an international NGO promoting children’s rights, providing relief and helping support children in developing countries. Established in the UK in 1919, and counting 28 other national Save the Children organizations today, the international Save the Children Alliance is active in more than 120 countries around the world. 

SGSF is a union based in Bangladesh that works towards strengthening unions and achieving decent working conditions. SGSF represents over 100,000 workers in the ready-made garment sector in Bangladesh. SGSF is an affiliate of IndustriALL Global Union.

TEKSIF is a union that serves close to 50,000 textile and garment workers in Turkey. It is headquartered in Ankara, and has 18 branches and 7 contact offices throughout Turkey. TEKSIF is a founding member of Türk-İş Confederation, which is a member of ETUC and ITUC. TEKSIF is an Affiliate Member of IndustriALL European Union and IndustriALL Global Union.