About this work

The pilot program was implemented during the 2016 and 2017 hazelnut harvest seasons with a goal of reaching 1,000 hazelnut farms in Turkey. Through the implementation of the USDA Guidelines, the FLA and its partners have developed and executed sustainable solutions to address child labor, including creating safe spaces, making housing improvements and training staff to provide long-term support.
As demonstrated by the project partners, in collaboration with the FLA, adopting the USDA Guidelines has proven practical and doable for companies committed to building ethical supply chains as part of their strategic vision. Incorporating these guidelines is not a one-off project for a company to undertake, but an important shift in how a company does business, especially as demand for transparency in supply chains continues to grow. The guidelines provide a robust framework to engage stakeholders across the hazelnut supply chain in playing a meaningful role in helping to address the issues of child and forced labor.
Because the supply chain and the issues are complex, implementation needs to be innovative, practical and involve multiple stakeholders. Key activities by the FLA and its partners during this period have included:
  • Working with local civil society organizations to identify labor issues on farms.
  • Conducting research to better understand the hazelnut harvest workforce in Turkey.
  • Educating migrant families about their rights and the availability of temporary off-site childcare services when they arrive for harvest season.
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