Supply Chain Innovation

Protecting Workers' Health & Safety in Indonesia

Publication date: 
Jueves, Diciembre 4, 2008

Issues: During a 2008 independent external monitoring visit, FLA monitors discovered that the disciplinary system in a factory producing men's shirts and ladies' wear for Liz Claiborne, Inc. did not give its 3,475 workers the opportunity to reply, challenge or make appeals against termination. Also, there was inadequate aisle space in the fusing area of one of the buildings, which did not allow workers to have free body movement.

Solutions: Following the assessment, the factory installed a procedure for employees to reply, challenge or appeal termination.  In addition, the factory procedure provided that in such cases, employees are free to give an explanation to Human Resources, which would be reviewed and signed by an employee of higher managerial position. In order to show that a reply/challenge/appeal had been made, five copies of this letter are created, one for each of the following: employee, HR department, local labor bureau, labor union and archive. The factory also reorganized its layout so that the aisles would be free from obstacles, thus giving employees space to move, work, and in case of emergency, evacuate safely.