Supply Chain Innovation

Our University tour – Day 2 (Delaware)

Jueves, Mayo 3, 2007

Rain greeted us on the next morning as we made a dash to Penn Station to catch our train to Wilmington, Delaware and the University of Delaware. At U of D, I had lunch and a stimulating discussion with a group of students eager to learn more about global supply chains and labor rights issues. Students (in behavior consistent with my travels to other schools) showed a refreshing openness to discussing the complexity of labor issues and their interaction with the market-economy and global supply chains. At FLA board member Marsha Dickson’s fashion and apparel studies class later that afternoon, I was able to interact with a group of aspiring fashion designers and the impact that supply chains could have on their work as designs are turned into finished products. I’m confident they’ll have a big impact in the years to come on both design and labor issues.