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New FLA Workers’ Survey Tool Measures Job Satisfaction

Viernes, Septiembre 2, 2011

Understanding workers’ perception of the factories they work in is essential for management seeking to recruit and retain talented and qualified employees. The Fair Labor Association’s SCOPE Workers’ Surveys are standardized, quantitative questionnaires which are completed anonymously by a randomly-selected, representative sample of workers. SCOPE surveys measure the effectiveness and impact of factories’ social compliance efforts in areas such as hours of work; hiring; communication; and grievance and complaint systems. Recently, FLA launched a new SCOPE survey to measure job satisfaction.

The new SCOPE Job Satisfaction Survey gathers workers’ opinions on factors influencing job satisfaction, such as:

  • working hours
  • wages and benefits
  • health and safety
  • working environment and the atmosphere within the factory
  • supervisors’ and management’s attitude and communication
  • professional development and advancement opportunities
  • perception of work performance
  • physical impact of working at the factory

The survey also measures the workers’ loyalty to the factory; their short- and long-term priorities; and their plans to leave or stay with the factory. In addition, the survey indicates which factors are most likely to improve hiring practices, retention and productivity. It may also help identify risk areas in workforce stability.

SCOPE Job Satisfaction Surveys in the Field

SCOPE Job Satisfaction Surveys recently conducted at two factories in Southern China indicated that:

  1. Good communication and good relationships between workers and management result in increased factory loyalty among workers, while unsatisfactory arrangements regarding working hours and compensation have the opposite effect.
  2. Workers who received training – such as professional development opportunities – were less likely to look for another job in the long-term.
  3. There was a positive correlation between a good working atmosphere and productivity.

Findings from these reports have helped management at these factories to understand what is important to their employees. It also allows them to focus efforts on developing training programs with FLA that will help strengthen performance in key areas – such as communications skills and relationship building – as indicated by the workers.

For more information on SCOPE Workers’ Surveys, and to view public reports, please click here.


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