Supply Chain Innovation

El Progreso Factory in Honduras

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Jueves, Diciembre 14, 2006

On December 14, 2006, FLA published a report on the Third Party Complaint (3PC) filed by the Maquila Solidarity Network alleging discriminatory dismissals of union members at El Progreso, a Gildan-owned factory. An FLA-accredited monitor investigated the allegations and confirmed obstruction of workers' right of freedom of association, as well as other noncompliance issues. Gildan agreed to a remediation plan; however, Gildan then closed the factory while the plan was in progress. As a result, the FLA Board of Directors placed Gildan on 90-day Special Review, setting out several conditions for continued affiliation with the FLA. Gildan was eventually reinstated based on the findings of a verifications audit, which showed that the company remedied most of the noncompliance issues.

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