Supply Chain Innovation

Student Committee Profiles

Meet some of the 2012-2014 Student Committee members:

Jose Espeleta, California State University, Long Beach
Jose is a recent graduate and first-generation student from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). He graduated with a double major in international business and finance with a concentration in investments. He was heavily involved in school as well as in his community. He is the former student body treasurer at CSULB, having served in multiple capacities in the university and has lobbied at the state level promoting higher education. Some of the organizations he was involved in while attending school included the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, the International Business Association of Southern California, the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Voto Latino, and Latinos on Fast Track. He is now an alum of the student committee, having served as one of the co-chairs of the first FLA student committee, and he remains focused on creating a strong, solid foundation for future members. "Having migrated from Mexico, I can relate to horrible labor standards and the environment that workers are subject to in order to earn somewhat of a livable income from which they can support their families. I want to able to obtain the necessary knowledge and resources to ensure that every worker is able to end their day knowing that they will be able to earn enough for their family, and at the same time ensure that they are working in humane environments and that gender equality is promoted."

Jennifer Leaphart, University of South Carolina
Jennifer is a senior at the University of South Carolina Honors College where she studies political science, business and music. Jennifer is also a candidate for a performance certificate of vocal performance at USC's School of Music. She was a SC Palmetto Fellow and recipient of the USC Dean's Scholarship, and served on the By-Law and Ritual Committees as a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Jennifer was also selected to participate in the Honors College's Washington Semester Program, where she interned in the U.S. House of Representatives. "Empowered workers who are treated with respect and paid fairly drive a successful economy and help to create a society where infractions of basic human rights are seen as unthinkable violations that must be changed. These enfranchised workers bring hope to whole societies, not just workplaces."

Kyle Richard, University of Washington
Kyle recently graduated from the University of Washington's School of Law. He also holds an undergraduate degree in business from UW. As a legal and research intern for the university, he helped develop the university's Supplier Code of Conduct, which ensures that the university's suppliers respect the rights of workers around the world and allows the UW to engage in business only with ethical companies. He also interned at the Washington State Attorney General. "I am a strong believer in effective enforcement of existing standards, empowering workers to ensure that they can protect their own rights and collaborating with suppliers, governments and non-governmental organizations in order to ensure that all avenues for protecting workers' rights are utilized. I believe broad engagement improves outcomes for organizations and workers going forward."

Agatha Gucyski, California State University, Long Beach
Agatha is a junior at California State University, Long Beach studying Human Resource Management and Finance. At CSULB, she is an officer of the ASI Student Government and serves as the Treasurer. Throughout her college career, she has been passionate about business ethics and public policy, and has taken and attended relevant courses and seminars such as Politics and Policy in Los Angeles and the Panetta Institute Leadership Seminar. She continues to stay engaged in politics and higher education issues. "I feel strongly about advocating against the mistreatment of workers and protecting their rights around the world. Though there are cultural differences from country to country, there are basic rights that everyone needs to be provided with to attain a life of freedom and prosperity. Often times, it is not possible for a company to resolve injustices that a society faces because of the country's governmental regulations, but companies usually have the resources to at least help the cause."