Supply Chain Innovation

adidas Group Assessment for Reaccreditation

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Viernes, Octubre 10, 2008

The FLA Board of Directors accredited adidas-Salomon’s labor compliance program in May 2005, at the end of a three-year initial implementation period. Separately, the FLA Board of Directors accredited Reebok’s footwear program in 2004 and its apparel program in 2005; further, the FLA Board reaccredited Reebok’s footwear labor compliance program in 2006. This assessment for reaccreditation of adidas’s labor compliance program covers the period 2005-2007.

It is based on information provided by adidas in its annual reports to the FLA, verified through visits to headquarters and to field offices, a review of Independent External Monitoring visits (IEMs) and Independent External Verification visits (IEVs) conducted by FLA accredited monitors at adidas’s apparel and footwear facilities during 2005-2007, and adidas’ participation in FLA projects and value-added programs.

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