Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business

Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Business is a collaborative learning community whose members collectively:

  • Share knowledge, applications, and experiences,
  • Build awareness, and
  • Foster campus and community engagement that furthers social responsibility and sustainability in the apparel industry.
Across the globe, millions of men and women migrate in order to find jobs. Many of them provide for their families by working in factories to manufacture clothing and footwear for some of the largest international brands. While some of these workers are successful in finding suitable employment, many others face difficulties ranging from homesickness to bad working conditions, and may even be forced into trafficking – otherwise known as modern-day slavery. Notre Dame students attend the FLA forum to learn more about labor conditions in apparel supply chains The FLA hosted a...
Authored by Marsha Dickson, PhD How many young fashion designers graduate and take their first jobs having had the opportunity to visit an apparel factory? As a professor of fashion and apparel studies involved with several different design programs over the last two decades, my educated guess is that “virtually none” have had this experience. This number is even smaller when asked if the apparel factory is in one of the developing countries where over 95% of clothing sold in the United States is manufactured. Yet despite very limited exposure to the factory environment and the...