Supply Chain Innovation


Global Forum for Sustainable Supply Chains Facilitating Research, Consultation & Resolution

The Global Forum supports stakeholders in developing programs to address regulatory gaps throughout their supply chains, especially related to multi-faceted issues including violations of labor and human rights or environmental protection. These issues often involve supply chain actors who are not adequately represented and whose voice is not heard by decision-makers.

The Global Forum was established by FLA in 2011 as an independent, honest broker of interests and source of information.  The mandate of the Global Forum is closely linked to the mission of FLA, but participants in the Global Forum are able to work with industry partners, local and international NGOs, trade unions, and leading experts to find solutions to pressing problems without set membership or performance requirements. The Global Forum offers fee-based services provided by highly skilled professionals.  While some companies may choose to join FLA following their participation in the Global Forum, affiliation is not mandatory and participation in the Global Forum is completely independent of FLA affiliation. 

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