Supply Chain Innovation

Adequate Working Hours for Pregnant Women in Turkey

Publication date: 
Monday, May 5, 2008

Issues: FLA assessors discovered that pregnant women were working nine hours per day - more than the legal limit - during a 2005 factory visit. Additionally, the factory's on-site crèche, or daycare facility for children, was not functioning.

Solutions: During a 2008 independent verification, FLA assessors confirmed that rather than simply arranging longer breaks, the factory changed the working hours of pregnant women. Pregnant workers now leave at 16:00 after working the legal limit of 7.5 hours. Following the FLA assessment, the factory's parent company requested that all subcontractors report back to them on a monthly basis with a list of pregant workers and their hours, for tracking purposes. The factory also began working with an external childcare facility administrator, who owns a well-known facility in the area, to open a new childcare facility in the social services building. In addition, management created written procedures for crèche management and trained relevant personnel. There were 60 children in the crèche at the time of FLA's verification visit.

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