Supply Chain Innovation

Ensuring Fair Compensation and Worker Safety in Mexico

Publication date: 
Saturday, September 11, 2010

Issues: A 2009 FLA assessment uncovered that some of the more than 400 workers at a factory supplying DVDs and CDs for Electronic Arts, Inc. were not using earplugs and eye protection in work areas where they were mandatory. In addition, deductions from pay for workers’ savings plans exceeded the legal 30 percent limit.

Solutions: An FLA verification confirmed that the factory’s human resources department had modified their payroll software to detect and prevent deductions greater than 30 percent. Worker interviews and a review of documentation confirmed this improvement. Another verification visit confirmed that a training course for workers on proper protective equipment was implemented by the medical department. The training course takes place every month and all operations employees receive training once per year. In addition, supervisors were made aware of the need to reinforce the use of protective equipment by workers.