Clean. Ethical. Sustainable.

Fueled by a vision of radical positivity, Esprit was founded in California by environmentalists Susie and Doug Tompkins in 1968. Since then, Esprit has always been more than just clothing. Today, we are on a mission to push the boundaries of authentic and intelligent fashion with mindfully designed collections. With a fully operational international headquarters office in Hong Kong and a new management team, Esprit has already begun the process of revitalizing the brand and recommitting to its core ethos. This also involves setting new standards with a continuous focus on diversity, ethicality and sustainability. Esprit is reintroducing the brand’s story in a modern context. We believe in a common spirit of a life inspired. We believe in thinking outside the box and championing innovative ideas as the catalyst for positive change in the world. It’s been in our DNA from the very beginning.