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According to the prAna website, as anyone with a regular practice of sport, hobbies, meditation and internal growth – living your values is constantly challenged by the world around you. prAna’s path is the same, and sometimes customers and friends are surprised that we don’t have everything buttoned up and have all the answers. prAna has products and practices that are at odds with our values, we are not perfect by any means, we have a lot to learn. To help us get there, we have set up a more formal sustainability program, the idea is to build and manage a master plan that aligns our company actions and products with our values. We look forward to raising our own level of awareness, education, discipline, and action on the long and winding road of sustainability.

FLA's obligations for Participating Companies is the backbone to prAna's social responsbility program. This holds us as company accountable for the way we engage with our suppliers and guides our actions towards improving workers lives. In addition, FLA offers a level of transparency to our customers that we feel is important.