Supply Chain Innovation

Jo-In Project

The Jo-In Project was a collaborative effort of six leading international labor rights and code implementation organizations, including the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC), Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), Fair Labor Association (FLA), Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), Social Accountability International (SAI), and Worker Rights Consortium (WRC). The Jo-In project focused on enhancing collaboration among these organizations to identify best practices in the field of code implementation. Jo-In participants share a commitment to improving working conditions in factories worldwide, and believe the most effective way to accomplish this goal is through the involvement of all concerned stakeholders.

These organizations first came together to work collaboratively in 2003, and initiated Jo-In’s first pilot project in Turkey in 2004. Six brands volunteered to participate in the pilot, including 4 FLA Participating Companies: adidas Group, Nike, Patagonia, and Puma. Drawing from these companies’ factory lists for Turkey, a total of seven factories were selected to participate in the pilot. The Jo-In pilot project concluded in December 2007. Read the reports.

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