Supply Chain Innovation

Piloting Strategies to Support Workers Beyond Tier 1



Turkey’s large garment and textile supply chain is complex. The upper tiers of the supply chain are often difficult to trace and largely ignored, with support for worker rights often limited to Tier 1 suppliers.

Employers in small and medium-sized enterprises often operate informally without awareness of national or international requirements on decent work and child labor mitigation strategies.

Many of these workplaces have precarious working conditions and pose a high risk for workers. Some existing intervention strategies do not adequately address the needs of workers and their families and the priority to eliminate child labor due to a lack of research and understanding of workers in the upper tiers of the supply chains. When effective steps are being taken, those efforts are too often isolated or uncoordinated and seldom connected to national action plans.



The FLA launched in October 2018 a multi-stakeholder project to improve working conditions in Tier 2 facilities and provide support and access to resources for vulnerable workers.

Manh stakeholders, including government agencies, private companies, and unions, are committed to working with FLA. Together, these organizations will contribute to a sustainable initiative to increase awareness about labor issues, prevent violations of labor standards, and provide practical approaches to improving conditions in the Turkish supply chains. 

The 24-month project has three objectives:

  1. Promote decent work and the elimination of child labor and workers’ rights violations through stakeholder engagement and information dissemination.
  2. Pilot remediation and prevention of exploitation of vulnerable workers by creating visibility into the upstream supply chain.
  3. Build the capacity of stakeholders (employers, trade unions, brands, workers, CSOs, and government officials) in the garment and textiles supply chain by developing new or strengthening existing programs to promote decent workplace and eliminate child labor.


Project Contacts

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Hande Ozhabes Koc

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Zumrut Aydin

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