Supply Chain Innovation


The PREPARE project is a "top-down bottom-up" approach to improve the efficacy of worker representation in factories in Bangladesh. The project employed qualified local trainers who worked directly with individuals at all levels of the factory organization – owners, managers, supervisors, workers, and worker representatives.

The project led to the development and testing of several assessment tools on Worker Integration. It also advanced FLA’s mission to train and build in-country capacity of local organizations to sustain project activities after the end of the project.  With the successful conclusion of the PREPARE Project, several tools -- SCAT, SCOPE, PTCs and Impact Assessment -- and training materials are available as part of a standard toolkit and are currently being used in factories in Bangladesh, Vietnam and China, countries where lack of worker representation and dialogue in garment export factories are chronic problems. 

Click here to read to full report and summary of the PREPARE PROJECT.

Independent External Assessment Reports On Workers’ Representation and Participation:

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