Supply Chain Innovation

Zeitz Foundation

The Zeitz Foundation (ZF) was founded in 2008 with the intention of “achieving the highest standards in sustainability through the balance of conservation, community, culture and commerce in privately managed ecological areas”. It became the first nonprofit entity to affiliate with the Fair Labor Association in 2009 as a Participating Company. Due to its atypical work place profile, this affiliation was treated as a Strategic Project within the FLA framework - A tailor-made and adapted FLA monitoring approach was applied to meet the objective of improving working conditions at the facility level. The project work also involved development of the FLA’s implementation criteria for nonprofit entities, monitoring materials suitable to such work places and assist the ZF in determining labor compliance risks and remedial strategies in its supply chain.

The FLA conducted the following activities as part of this project:

  1. Provide advice and guidance on developing the Community (Fair Working Conditions) aspect of the GER® Certification scheme. The FLA President and CEO was part of a Specialists Committee advising the ZF and acted as a special advisor on Community (labor) issues. The FLA also carried out an assessment of the structure and application of the GER® Certification scheme and provided recommendations for its improvement.
  2. Conduct Independently External Assessment of the working conditions at one of the ZF’s members’ facilities (LRDs) – Segera Ranch in Laikipia, Kenya. This involved FLA tools and methodology adaptation and led to the development of a remediation plan at the facility level.

Click here to download the full project report.