Supply Chain Innovation

47 Brand 2012 Accreditation Report

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

47 Brand is a family owned and operated business in Westwood, Massachusetts, incorporated in 1947. The company produces apparel and headwear. The company markets its products in the United States and holds between 400-600 licenses with universities, The College Vault, Major League Baseball, Major League Baseball Cooperstown Collection, Minor League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League, Vintage Hockey, United States Tennis Association, 2010 US Open Pebble Beach, National Basketball Association, Hardwood Classics, and the US Open. In addition, the company has private label brands with Old Navy, Wal- Mart, Target and Costco. 47 Brand does customized products for other groups (e.g., resorts) and is involved in hot markets for baseball. There are approximately 150 employees at company headquarters in Westwood, including about 20 employees at a nearby warehouse.

Click the link below to download an analysis of 47 Brand's compliance program as of October 2012.

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