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Accreditation Assessment of Volcom's Social Compliance Program

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

volcom-landing-page.jpgThe FLA Board of Directors voted on February 7, 2018 to approve the accreditation of Volcom's social compliance program. Details on FLA's accreditation methodology can be found at www.fairlabor.org/accreditation.

Volcom's accreditation comes after the FLA has conducted 8 SCI assessments in China, Vietnam, India, Mexico, and Guatemala; four field visits to shadow internal audits and trainings in China and Vietnam; and a headquarter visit in California.  The FLA accreditation report specifically recognizes as strengths Volcom's top management commitment to social compliance, annual Global Compliance Summit, and comprehensive supplier scorecard to incentivize suppliers to improve their social compliance.

All brands and suppliers that affiliate with the FLA commit to upholding international labor standards throughout their supply chains and commit to an evaluation by the FLA of the preparedness of their social compliance prorgrams to sufficiently uphold these standards.  Brands and suppliers that successfuly complete the initial multi-year evaluation, subject to approval by the FLA Board of Directors, achieve accreditation of their programs, with re-accreditation assessments required regularly thereafter.  The FLA evaluates companies at the headquarter level – in addition to standard factory-level due diligence activities that are conducted annually – to determine whether they have social compliance systems in place to proactively identify and address risks or instances of noncompliance.  The FLA does not certify brands or factories, given the complex and ever-evolving nature of global supply chains that makes it impossible to guarantee that a product is made in conditions free from labor rights violations. 

Please find the full report linked below, including all areas of strength and areas for improvement in Volcom's social compliance program.

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