Supply Chain Innovation

A Conversation with Balsu and Olam, Suppliers to Nestle in Turkey

Publication date: 
Monday, May 7, 2018
Collaboration between multiple stakeholders was a key part of the success of the pilot program for addressing the systemic labor problems within the Turkish hazelnut supply chain. Balsu Gida (Balsu) and Olam Progida (Olam), two of Nestlé's main suppliers and FLA affiliated companies, worked with local farmers, laborers, Turkish ministry officials, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to learn about the issue of child labor, educate migrant families about their rights, and build ethical recruitment practices throughout the production, processing and sale of hazelnuts. Learn more about Balsu and Olam in the short video below.

This video short is part of a forthcoming series of films highlighting the roles of various stakeholders on this project, including the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Nestlé, and hazelnut farmworkers themselves.  In addition to the video shorts, the series includes a 30-minute documentary that weaves together the work of all of these project stakeholders and others to convey an in-depth look at the project's successes.