Supply Chain Innovation

A Conversation With Nestle: Improving Conditions in the Hazelnut Sector

Publication date: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018

In this video, Nestlé headquarter and regional staff discuss their work to improve conditions in their hazelnut supply chain in Turkey.

“Responsible sourcing is a cornerstone of our approach to the sustainable development of our business. It is also an essential part of our relationship with the farmers and producers we depend on for our supply of raw materials,” says Hanna Jager, Global Responsible Sourcing Leader for Nestlé.  “As such, we are firmly opposed to all forms of human rights abuses and are committed to preventing and addressing them wherever they occur in our supply chain. This is clearly stated in our Corporate Business Principles and Supplier Code, which guide the behavior of our employees and business partners worldwide. Nestlé has been working with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) since 2011 to improve transparency in the hazelnut supply chain. After six years of continuous work, we are 100-percent traceable in Turkey and are implementing a monitoring and remediation system for tackling child labor and other human rights issues.”