Supply Chain Innovation

Executive Summary of Syngenta Seed Supply in the Americas: 2019

Publication date: 
Friday, July 31, 2020

Syngenta Seeds has been affiliated with the FLA since 2008 and executes a Fair Labor Program (FLP) in its hybrid seeds supply chain globally. The FLA conducted independent external monitoring (IEM) visits to assess working conditions at Syngenta‘s seed supplier farms. Two assessments took place in Mexico (covering farms in the Guanajuato State) in July 2019 during its peak corn detasseling period. Two assessments took place in Brazil (covering farms in Paranapanema, São Paulo) in December 2019 for its commercial corn seeds.

Assessor teams interviewed 46 workers (27 in Mexico and 19 in Brazil) who were involved in detasseling activities at the time of the farm visits. The executive summary below summarizes the FLA’s findings from 2019 assessments, the company’s responses to those findings, and the progress and remaining gaps in comparison to previous years’ assessment. The individual assessment reports for each region appears below the executive summary.

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