Supply Chain Innovation

Executive Summary of Syngenta Seed Supply Chains in Israel and Morocco: 2019

Publication date: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

In 2019, the FLA conducted two unannounced independent external monitoring (IEM) visits in the MENA Region - one in June 2019 in Morocco covering four squash and melon farms, and a second in November 2019 in Israel covering 12 vegetable seeds farms.

A team of assessors interviewed a total of 52 workers (24 in Morocco and 28 in Israel) who were involved in pollination, harvesting (for squash and melon) and maintenance (for vegetable) activities. A diverse group of workers including adult workers, women, and young workers were interviewed. 

The report below summarizes the FLA’s findings for its 2019 assessments in Morocco and Israel and the companies’ responses those findings.

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