Supply Chain Innovation

Executive Summary of Syngenta Seeds Supply Chain in India: 2018

Publication date: 
Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Syngenta Seeds has been affiliated with the FLA since 2008 and executes its Fair Labor Program in its hybrid seeds supply chain globally. As an affiliated company, Syngenta has committed to meeting the FLA Workplace Code of Conduct for the agriculture sector in its seeds supply chain globally and develop remediation plans for identified non-compliances. Each year, the FLA conducts about 20 field-level assessments covering a large number of farms in various countries for Syngenta.

For the 2018 assessment cycle, the FLA conducted four Independent External Monitoring visits to assess working conditions at Syngenta’s supplier farms in India.

The assessment covered 66 acres of farmland located in three states: Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. This report summarizes farm-level findings for its 2018 assessment cycle and Syngenta’s corrective action plan developed in response to the assessments. Gaps remain in the areas of age verification systems; farm-level health and safety programs; hours of work and compensation; and worker awareness of workplace codes, child labor issues and grievance systems.

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