Supply Chain Innovation

Higher Jack, Inc. Factory in China

Publication date: 
Monday, March 9, 2009

On March 9, 2009, FLA released a report on a Third Party Complaint (3PC) alleging noncompliance issues with respect to health and safety and excessive hours of work at the Higher Jack, Inc. factory in China where university-logoed goods were being produced for university licensee MBI Inc., an FLA Category B Licensee since 2003. Prior to the complaint, the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC) notified MBI of allegations of labor rights violations at Higher Jack, and included an article about the death of a Higher Jack employee, allegedly because of complications related to long work hours. Due to the seriousness of the complaint, FLA immediately moved it to Step 2 of the 3PC filing process and engaged Impactt Ltd., an FLA-accredited monitor in China, and NGO Hong Kong Workers' Health Centre, to conduct an assessment visit at Higher Jack. The factory resisted remediation and in December 2008, FLA was notified that Higher Jack no longer existed. To avoid a repetition of the situations like those at Higher Jack, FLA developed a list of recommendations that MBI agreed to fulfill.

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