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Oxfam Report Cites FLA Fair Compensation Effort in Myanmar

Publication date: 
Thursday, October 1, 2015

A new Oxfam International report summarizing living wage progress in five countries cites the FLA's leadership -- along with the Ethical Trading Initiative -- to organize US and European brands to express strong support for meaningful and inclusive minimum wage negotiations in Myanmar, in pursuit of fair compensation for garment workers.  The report cites findings from a June/July 2015 survey of 123 garment workers in Myanmar, reporting that 90 percent of workers are unable to save any of their income. The average worker interviewed by Oxfam spends 50 percent of her wages on housing, on an average salary of around $1.50 per day. Minimum wage in Myanmar was raised to 3600 kyat (or around $2.80 per day) in August. The full report includes further findings from Myanmar on issues like grievance processes, fire safety, and overtime, along with summaries of Oxfam's recent living wage work with strawberry pickers in Morocco, tea pluckers in Malwai, flower processors in Kenya, and factory workers in Vietnam.

Find Oxfam's complete report here