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Special Investigation at Paragon Apparels in Noida, India

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In November 2014, FLA-affiliated company Adidas requested that the Fair Labor Association (FLA) conduct an unannounced assessment at their supplying factory Paragon Apparels Pvt. Ltd., in Noida, India, to check the factory’s progress on compliance issues identified by previous assessments conducted at the factory by Adidas or by the FLA. A team from the Association of Stimulating Know-How (ASK) conducted the assessment in December 2014.

While the ASK team  found that remediation had been completed on a number of health and safety issues, assessors also found that many areas of non-compliance remained.   For example, among the continued health and safety violations at the factory, assessors found improper care of the factory’s fire extinguishers, no operational eye-wash station for workers, empty first-aid boxes, and no waste management system. Furthermore, assessors found violations of the FLA and Adidas Code of Conduct requirement on hours of work, with workers' hours exceeding 60 hours per week – sometimes as high as 18 hours per day – without the mandatory weekly day off.  

For these and other persistent non-compliances, Paragon Apparels has developed a detailed remediation plan.  The FLA calls on Adidas to monitor closely the implementation of this plan, and to assess its effectiveness over the course of 2015.

Please see below for the complete investigation report, along with the FLA summary report, which lists key aspects of the Paragon remediation plan. 

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