Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The 19-member Board of Directors, FLA’s policy-making body, is comprised of an independent Chair and equal representation by universities, civil society organizations and companies.

The following members serve on the FLA Board:

Kathryn "Kitty" Higgins
April 2017

Company Representatives University Representatives NGO Representatives

Monica Oberkofler Gorman
New Balance
December 2018

Karen Daubert
Washington University in St. Louis
May 2019
Gopinath Parakuni
Cividep India
December 2019

Brad Grider
December 2017

Bob Durkee
Princeton University
May 2020
Meg Roggensack
Georgetown Law School
December 2015

Audrey Ogawa Johnson
Dallas Cowboys Merchandising
December 2017

Richard Fairchild
University of Utah
May 2019
Jim Silk
Yale Law School*
December 2016

Michael Levine
Under Armour
December 2019

Kathy Hoggan
University of Washington
May 2020
Nina Smith
December 2017

Marissa Pagnani
December 2018

Maureen Riedel
Pennsylvania State University 
May 2018
Karen Tramontano
Global Fairness Initiative 
December 2015

Leslie Shull
Delta Galil
December 2019

Craig Westemeier
University of Texas
May 2018


FLA Counsel
J. Matthew Owens
Arnold & Porter, LLP

*For identification purposes only.