About the Fair Labor Association®

We raise the bar for labor standards.

The Fair Labor Association® (FLA) provides training and tools to build expertise in companies and drive innovation in business practices, ultimately improving working conditions and the lives of the workers who make the products you buy.

FLA’s wide range of evidence-based, ready-to-implement resources allows us to meet companies where they are on their journey to improving workers’ rights.

We provide targeted guidance for companies working to achieve FLA Accreditation and ongoing training for accredited companies.

We offer a learning program for Collegiate Licensees, whose University partners are eager to raise labor standards for merchandise bearing their logos.

FLA conducts leading-edge research on critical topics such as fair compensation/living wage, supply chain innovation, and forced labor/child labor—ultimately allowing us to provide partners with evidence-based advice and tools to improve labor practices.

We keep companies accountable to their commitments on labor rights.

FLA evaluates business practices against the highest international labor standards to ensure they advance the rights of workers throughout global supply chains.

We are changing policies and improving lives.

FLA’s unique model of collaboration with companies, civil society organizations, and universities means that its members are making tangible changes in business policy and practice that benefit workers around the world.

In addition to the measurable improvements yielded through our education and evaluation programs, FLA’s Third Party Complaint procedure ensures that workers in FLA member supply chains always have a means of reporting substandard working conditions or practices.

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Our focus is workers.

As the world emerges from a pandemic, workers in global supply chains continue to be challenged by low wages, job insecurity, and unsafe working conditions. Companies that source from factories and forms must be responsible buyers to ensure that workers are paid fairly and protected from risks to their health, safety, and well-being.

Both our charter and our 2023-2028 strategic plan keep our organization focused on meeting these challenges by ensuring company performance to FLA standards, innovating solutions, understanding our impact, and communicating effectively to a broader group of stakeholders.

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Did you know? FLA counts more than 200 organizations among its members.