Standards & Accountability

FLA believes that transparency and accountability are the foundations of responsible business.

For more than 20 years, FLA has been creating solutions to the world’s most complex supply chain labor rights problems and advocating to give workers a voice in making factories and farms better places to work. We see a future where fair working conditions are the standard, not the exception.

FLA – and the Apparel Industry Partnership before it – was founded on the values of high standards, transparency, and collaboration. Those values guided the work of the organization at its founding and continue to guide us today.
Sharon Waxman, FLA president and CEO
June 20, 2019

FLA Accreditation

FLA offers accreditation programs for companies committed to improving working conditions in their supply chains.


FLA evaluates business practices against the highest international labor standards to ensure they advance workers' rights.


FLA offers tools to support workers by addressing instances of significant and persistent noncompliance with its standards.


FLA members agree to subject their supply chains to independent assessments and monitoring.