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FLA is a multi-stakeholder initiative that invites participation from organizations committed to promoting fair labor around the world.

Members include companies, universities, and civil society organizations that are committed to protecting workers’ rights through adherence to international labor standards. Together, these members draw on FLA’s expertise and their diversity of experience to learn from one another and develop ethical and equitable supply chains. Members participate in FLA’s governance structure and have a deep and ongoing commitment to fair labor. Pursuit and achievement of Fair Labor Accreditation is limited to participating company members.

In addition to its more than 200 members, FLA has a large network of 2,500+ affiliates that participate in FLA knowledge-building programs, including those tailored to collegiate licensees and single-factory suppliers. Affiliates complete regular trainings that increase their awareness of ongoing labor rights risks and provide techniques to mitigate those risks. Other requirements for affiliates may include, but are not limited to, supply chain disclosures and adopting the FLA Code of Conduct. Affiliates are not eligible to pursue Fair Labor Accreditation.

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Did you know? FLA members are recognized around the world for their commitment to workers' rights.

Looking for a company that used to be an FLA member? A list of former members is available upon request.